After multiple hesitations, and a mind blowing concert, here it comes. Ideas, thoughts, and whatever i think of these days, and what I think you or maybe someone else should know about.

Above all, I am curious to see, if it will grow into something.

Hope you will stick with me despite my writing sometimes in another than my mother tongue. For me, it’s important to do so, as some things are better expressed in the language I experienced them in, even if it means that I might unwittingly bend the beauty of the original language to something of my making. May the language and you my dear reader, forgive me for doing so. I decided to try writing by one of my life’s maximes : perfect cannot evolve any further.


A bland new experience

been a while. right. so, just an update on my recent days.

after a hike up a steep but not very high mountain for some exercise and a view, and the pretty strenous way down, i had to surrender to the fact, that i need to train more for my vacation plans. as if i hadn’t really known that before. kind of.

next thing i know, my sinuses block up and are bothering me ever since. nothing permanent, it’s evolving every day. but hey, i do find it debilitating.

anyway, i’ve had a bland new experience in consequence.

and it took me 2 days to figure out that neither my balcony’s fresh mint-leaves, nor the bottled tomato-juice i had bought dutifully to put healthy into my diet, were of low quality. not my cooking of fresh veggies either. nah!!! just had do admit that it all came down to a simple consequence of my body fighting the blocking of regular breathing. turns out, sinusitis can take away the signals to your brain from your tastebuds. heard others complain of it before, first time for me.

phew… all i can say : life is bland without tastebuds in action. food lost most of its interest. i do ponder now, whether this in itself might be an interesting concept or not?!?? to be honest? no, i still am too much of an epicurian person, to find any value in the option of losing interest in and joy through good, spicy and tasty food.

i realized that, when i got really excited during that brief moment today, when i had a slight hint of tomato in the juice and some feeling of chili in the leftovers of the other day. yeeeha. not there yet, ok, as tea tastes like water again. my oh my, i am sooooo looking forward to getting it all back.

to get through time quicker, i’m watering my jalapeños on the window sill, waiting for them to fire up another culinary experience when they and i are ready.




I just love your voice

Often lost for words, but never for strong feelings after good concerts, this sentence bubbled out of me a few years back – and it’s still as fresh and as true as in that particular moment.

It happened when after a concert of one of my favourite bands, I had a drink in the company of good friends. One of my friends, seeing me in my overwhelmed state of bliss, stuck around as there was just no chance for me to go home yet. And, in a very calm but insisting way,  slowly but steadily, this friend of mine made me go and talk to my favourite singer, who happened to enjoy a beer with the after-gig crowd. While I waited for my turn, I don’t know how many times I tried to back out and disappear, but my friend was there and just stood his ground for me. He was like a pillar I could lean on when the moment came and I was face to face with the artist.

and… bugger… heeeeelp… ahem… yeah, what to do, to say now??!? While my mind was still desperately reeling and trying to figure out some not too groupie-ish words to express my feelings and fighting my personal mute button, I literally heard myself – to my own surprise – saying loud and clear and from the bottom of my heart :

“I just love your voice!!!”

Man! Never ever will I forget the smile these words lit 🙂

And yeah, of course I checked out his other band, and went to many more concerts of this and that or another of his projects. and yes, it still is as true as it was back then, in that moment, I love the energy of the music, the rhythm, the machines, the guitars and above all, his voice. even bigger joy at a concert, yet looping the cds builds a bridge to the next one.

Anyway, if ever I will manage to clear the airspace to crash my own Admiral Red, I will share whatever stays to give something back. So far, not a drawing, not a song, not a poem, nor any photos yet. but maybe this couple of words are a start.

While waiting for me to find my calling, check out some of Dave Pen’s stuff.







découverte musicale music sounds loops

Un vendredi soir, après la première semaine de travail après des vacances, j’avais envie de sortir, d’écouter de la musique. curieuse malgré la fatigue de la semaine, je profite de mon abonnement de concerts au Moods. et voilà qu’une demi-heure plus tard, je me retrouve assise dans un public trop peu nombreux. ils sont quatre à entrer sur scène: flute, saxophone, guitare et percussions. le gars au saxo me fait vaguement penser à un trompétiste allemand, entendu cet hiver à Paris. son beau manteau rouge est intriguant et sans évoquer quelque chose de précis. dès la première note, les souvenirs font place au présent, une écoute intense et surprenante. au fur et à mesure que le concert se développe, les notes, une après l’autre, les boucles, les sons, me happent et m’enchantent, me transportent ailleurs tout en restant ancrée dans ce concert-là. bien plus tard, comme de nulle part, surgit l’image de la station de métro parisienne Arts et Métiers. suivi d’une pensée claire et fugitive en même temps : tiens, ces sons auraient bien illustré l’expo “Machines à dessiner” fort apprécié lors d’une visite à Paris, l’hiver passé. la musique continue à me fait vibrer, je passe le set comme dans un rêve, un univers imaginaire et réel en même temps, un moment de pur bonheur ayant l’effet de recharger mes piles. après le concert, tellement fascinée et pour faire durer, je me paie le CD. et j’éclate de rire une fois à la maison 🙂 eh oui, quelle drôle de tête j’ai faite au déballement du CD “Mechanics” par Sylvain Rifflet. le booklet a été dessiné par François Schuiten, le père de ladite station de métro et de l’expo. Belle synchronicité et merveilleuse découverte.