One of the best houses in Switzerland

Philipp Fankhauser : Kammgarn 26.1.2018

Aways loved the blues, the mix of guitars and melancholy, of the tragic stories told with such vigour and love and turning something sad into rhythm and beauty.

So I didn’t hesitate, to join my friends for a concert of one of Switzerland’s finest blues players : Philipp Fankhauser at the Kammgarn in Schaffhausen.

It was a good night out, it was a great concert, full of blues and love. I was definitely dancing and enjoying the whole evening. The band played their newest album which I have to buy yet. And yes, I do still buy music. Yet, I need to make my mind up whether I’d go for the outdated CD, the Vinyl where I still need a player for, or the nostalgic and ever so funnily presented K7 for my prehistoric walkman. Maybe I can decide on the support before and then where to go and see them again live. It’s so much livelier and real on stage. And I might need a second concert for two more reasons:

One, because maybe I can concentrate then a bit more on the music. I was completely in it, at the same time I had quite a distracting groupie-night, as I re-discovered one of my favourite Swiss Sax-players in the band. After having read-up a bit, I discovered that Daniel Durrer has formed a horn section and they play many bands now. Small detail : wish I had had the guts to tell them I enjoyed their part while riding home on the same train. Anyway, the horns were definitely my favourite instruments that night, when all the musicians had their well defined and honoured place in the band, and all are great artists making it one band around Philipp Fankhauser.

Two, because there are not enough bands playing the music I feel so much as if arrived at home. So why not going for a replay treat soon ?

Last but not least, a club which serves Trois Dames merits a separate thank you. I fully agree with Philipp Fankhauser for this and many other reasons : one of the best houses in Switzerland.

But most of all, thank you Philipp & band for a bright sunny and warm moment on this January night.

Author: a bit of everything and beyond

music lover with no aspiration to be a critique, but who gave in to a need to vent a bit online and who decided to do that on one of my hobbies, after a particularly intense concert

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