Fusion orientalesque

Hadouk : 3.2.2018 – Moods

Saturday evening, after a full week at work, and after having finally done some long needed rearrangements at home, I was looking forward to an evening at the Moods in Zurich once again. On the programme, Hadouk, a band I’d classify as “world music”. As there are many descriptions available online, all I could do would repeat them. All I’d like to point out, and as it was actually quite to my liking, is that it was a trio who has upgraded to a quartet in adding a guitar player.

During the concert, there were some songs where I was absolutely enchanted. The first definitely, one in the middle, and the last few as well. I loved the rhythm, the sounds and the conversations between the musicians and their instruments, as well as the voice adding a fifth element. Other songs were more on a level, where I just found the combination of instruments very interesting and intriguing, but was not carried away totally.

I felt that the guitarist was more than a valuable addition, but to me they need some more gigs and more time to become one instead of a trio+guitar. Wondering if I had noted that without having read beforhand about the trio’s upgrade though. As I enjoyed this evening’s concert, I definitely am wishing them all the best to get to be one band and am looking forward to seeing and listenting to them again in the future.

For those who’d like to catch up on this evening, go to Moods website and rent the digital version of the concert when it’s available there.

Author: a bit of everything and beyond

music lover with no aspiration to be a critique, but who gave in to a need to vent a bit online and who decided to do that on one of my hobbies, after a particularly intense concert

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