Mich Gerber & Andi Pupato, Moods, 25.2.2018

Once again, it feels like words are not enough to describe the concert of Mich Gerber on double-bass and Andi Pupato on percussions. Having been a long-term fan of Mich Gerber with his loops and his bass, his atmospheres and sounds, I found out that percussions do add yet another world of richness. A friend whom I made listen to some past album of Mich Gerber sometime in the past, back then pointed out that this sound was influenced by Eastern or oriental traditions. I was surprised to realise it, as for me, these sounds have always had the effect to make me just feel at home. These deep tones of the bass, the rhythms and of course the fascination of the live-looping, laying layers upon layers.

On the Shoreline tour, Mich Gerber is on stage with a percussionist. Seems that, as the friend who came along, had been more curious about what to expect and so, jokingly pointed out, that this detail was well noted in the description of the gig. But well, once again, I only had needed to check my agenda, to find out whether I could go to the concert, there was hisitation and so no reading up on any details necessary for that.

Anyway, the two musicians were announced to be taking us to different worlds with their one single set. In my ears and words, I would rather say that our planet was not enough. Even when I felt lifted off to Alaska or the far, ice-cold North during one song, it took just another one to bring me to a planet further out in the galaxies, or was it just a little step to the East, later of course, the beach of an Ocean? And seriously, it didn’t matter where it was. As long as I was there. I lived it as a concert out of this world, once more, real Mich Gerber style. It was definitely a great moment in time, one Sunday night, at the Moods. and it was just beautiful to see Mich Gerber and Andi Pupato supporting each other in making this a special night, by working together on the tones, the loops and the rhythms. They were living the music, checking out for some notes here and there, and with few precise looks, communicating with the other musician, but even more so through the sounds, which were at least just like soothing balm and lively bubbles in my ears.

The rhythm danced me, right from the first line onwards, and, I appreciated, having been noted dancing along. thanks for saying so. and of course I got the newest album, signed, and took the occasion to say thank you in person in return, not only by applause. hope to be able to make it to take in a second set somewhere here or there and to loop the album for quite a while. Shoreline : definitely not to miss.

and, big Thank you Mich, big thank you Andi.

Author: a bit of everything and beyond

music lover with no aspiration to be a critique, but who gave in to a need to vent a bit online and who decided to do that on one of my hobbies, after a particularly intense concert

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