2.4.2018, Moods

When I put my name down for a ticket of the concert of Stiller Has, one of the really special Swiss bands singing in dialect, it was for a funny reason. I went to that concert to look into the dark eyes of the drummer once more, of course also to hear him play another one of his absolute brilliant sets, but I went home with the vinyl of the sarcastic, brilliant, straight-to-the-heart texts of Endo Anaconda. I had a ball, I danced, I shouted and hooped around, and I am ever so grateful for the happy mood it put me in. Gosh, I had forgotten how much of a poet Endo Anaconda really is, and how much we need voices like his. Not to change the world, but to make it a better place, and should it be only for the time of a concert.

He seems to have it all, puts up an act, nothing easy, but honest and down to earth. He’s not the healthy guy, never has been, he’s not Rock’n Roll either, Blues maybe, a stray cat in that alley of life. Yet he’s straight outspoken and bends our minds and he’s so to the point. He finds these incredible combinations of words that make you laugh with a tear in your eye, they make my heart open up and dance while letting the sadness of a lost world be part of it. Some of his songs are a direct glimpse of death. He is somehow moaning about having to be here, and about not being there yet, while celebrating life with his band and the public. And like an old bottle of whisky, he’s smokey, turfy and somehow musty, but so much better than the easy blend. He’s like a hobo in a fine suit, neat shoes and a fedora like hat. He drinks water on stage and watches Western in lonely hotel rooms.

As my neighbour in the public pointed out, he probably needed the long 20 minutes break, well, so what? for me, it made the evening last longer, hooray!!! and somehow even more worthwhile. And the second half of the set, with that young girl dancing, shouting and laughing out loud just in front of me, it all was just a real fest. So, to stop the longish text, I do hope I’ll be as fit and as much kicking ass when I’m his age, as Endo is now. Definitely, he’s one of a kind and I wish I’d have it in me to translate his texts into English, but at the same time, this would somehow be a crime. Endo Anaconda’s songs live as much of the rhythms of the great band: Andi Pupato – percussions, Boris Klečić – guitars, tambura, banjo, Andreas Wyss – bass, Roman Wyss – keyboards, as of the words in his Bernese dialect.


Author: a bit of everything and beyond

music lover with no aspiration to be a critique, but who gave in to a need to vent a bit online and who decided to do that on one of my hobbies, after a particularly intense concert

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