We need peace

Blind Boys of Alabama, 14.4.2018, Moods

Ran out of cash and ran out of my voice, but wanted to say thank you for a great uplifting concert. Didn’t have the guts to go and tell it to them in real though, so I wrote it down as a note on what I would have sai, if…

Anyway, it was probably a special night and occasion as I’ve been so aware that the artists cannot see their… even though, I’ve been told that most of the time that’s what happens to any artist. Yet, as the Band name was part of the show, I put in an extra-enthusiasm into hooting and clapping and yelling and saying YEAH!!! so that the guys on stage would hear me enjoying their music. It was a fabulous show, the public went for it and reacted. I’d say, The Moods was alive.

The concert was much less Gospel-like and much more rhythm than I expected. And YEAH, the four Blind Boys on stage, the four extraordinary and energetic voices, were very well accompanied and it simply turned into something I would call a blessed night. It was one of these moments where hope came back into my heart that a good, protecting and positive Lord does exist and does see us even in the darkest of nights, in a black room, in black clothes, behind those black-out glasses, and so, there is a lesson to take away from that night, if you yourself are blind, just use your voice. And, maybe, the light came back to that all the useless sufferings that exist on this world, are to somehow better us and make us believe despite all the bad and despite all the neutral science.

To make a heartfelt great and beautiful show into a short comment, for me, the connection was there, it was a concert not only about having fun, it was being transported together to that place where we all belong and where we do have the one thing so dearly needed : PEACE.

It was a privilege to see the act in this small club, and such a pity that I had no cash on me to pay a tribute and buy the CD. It would have been an honour to say thank you in person. I hope that one or two YEAHS and youhooos got to you. Be blessed and thank you for the gift of your music.

Author: a bit of everything and beyond

music lover with no aspiration to be a critique, but who gave in to a need to vent a bit online and who decided to do that on one of my hobbies, after a particularly intense concert

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