Never stop playing

Moods, Zurich, September 15, 2018

Purest intensity, rhythm and being carried away. Melodies and densest sound. 5 guys on stage. Zofingen in Zurich playing October in September. How come I waited so long to live the live act of Leech once more? For each song, I wished it never stopped, the only solace I can get now that it’s over, is that I guess, batteries could be overcharged. Right now I feel charged to the fullest, happy and just goooooood. Want to join that guy just behind me who shouted : Please, never stop making music, and it will be just for the Better.

It was great, worth every note and every second of being there, being carried away to wherever one is carried away to at a Leech concert. I don’t think I was alone there, it felt good and crowded and otherworldly. Words are not enough, but we all were in it, in that parallel universe of sound.

My thought was : I want you guys to play until I can’t hear any longer, and hopefully I can listen to you for a long time yet. See you around, somewhere soon!

Author: a bit of everything and beyond

music lover with no aspiration to be a critique, but who gave in to a need to vent a bit online and who decided to do that on one of my hobbies, after a particularly intense concert

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