Rainbow or smoothest Blues ?

Moods, Zürich, 28.9.2018

The flyer let on, that there would be 2 concerts, and for me, indeed there were. When even The Two were on stage for their part, they made a remark that it felt like the public came for Big Daddy Wilson and him only… But they managed to change the public’s ways, and what a positive surprise they were. Well, for me I’d say even a bit more and if I didn’t regret staying for the classy Big Daddy Wilson, I clearly know where my heart went.

For me, The Two stole away the awe inspiring moment I expected to have when the great legend would come on stage. These guys were intense and so alive, they played and lived a set where Yannick with his beautiful rasta and crooked smile reached out to the public and Thierry was the master of the second guitar. They are guys who want to share and give, and play music and get something back from the public. They were not just two guys who play the Blues, they play it as it was to defend their lives and take you on the ride. One gets the idea that the blues is indeed in their bones, bones, bones and of course in their soul. They gave it all to us and had some fun too. And even i not all the notes sounded 100% spot on, it didn’t matter, it was about the energy, the beauty coming out of playing the Blues. After a long week at the office, it made me come alive again, this concert made me happy and I was dancing and singing.

I hesitated to stay on, and didn’t regret it. Yeah, it was an honor to listen to Big Daddy Wilson, but for me, his set was too smooth, too many love songs, too much Hollywood Happy End style… and if it was all about longing and finding the one, it did bring back an unwanted feeling of being a teenager in a strange world, no connection to anyone or anything. and it reminded me that I prefer the kind of Blues which is not about happy love, but about the crappy and the more difficult stories of life which in being shared become something more and better.

En résumé, un grand grand, big thank you to Thierry and Yannick. Votre set était beau – et un jour, je vais récupérer le stylo, le jour où j’aurai retrouvé ma ville et mon lac et j’espère vous revoir encore souvent. Continuez les gars, ça fait du bien de vous écouter.

Author: a bit of everything and beyond

music lover with no aspiration to be a critique, but who gave in to a need to vent a bit online and who decided to do that on one of my hobbies, after a particularly intense concert

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