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Moods, Zurich, 25.10.2018

Switzerland has its growing number of musical pearls, some are well polished, smooth, some are just coming out and have a way to go, and others are more raw, a bit irregular, but very spot-on and maybe on the not so bourgeois side. Some have been around for a while, some are new. And, honestly, I’d rather go for the less smooth pearls anytime, and was not disappointed by Steff La Cheffe last Thursday night at the Moods. I had liked her act back when she was just about emerging, then a tiny side-act at Rock-aux-Avenches, but it left a souvenir of good vibes on a great summer night.

This time, I literally had to drag myself out, especially as my friend who had planned to come had cancelled last minute. Looking back, it seems to me that the November-blues had hit a bit early this year, but despite all odds and a strong wish to hole-up and not move, I made it out and I didn’t regret a minute of the evening.

Her set was to present the new record titled “Herz Schritt Macherin” which is somehow a feminized and wordplay with splitting up the German term for pacemaker “Herzschrittmacher”… and as she explained in her really well fitting comments between songs, that it was an album on the topic of getting over a broken heart. And to make a great concert night short, I’d simply like to answer her question of “where the heck to you go to when your heart is broken ?” well, go to music. Her set, sometimes less joyous than the easy and hit-like songs which are often coming up on the radio, but with those well mixed in, it seems to have done the trick. For Steff La Cheffe with her band resulting  in a great new album, and for the public in a rhythmic and dancing evening draped around all these songs where the lyrics are as crucial as the beats.

I went home in a happy mood and felt energized, definitely no longer feeling under the weather and ready to face real november.

And I have to add the story which made me laugh so much next day in the office, where I hooted out laughing, probably luckily, all alone, on the loo, when I mused about a moment of someone elses sheer incompetence at work, and when simply and suddenly Steff’s greatest hit popped up in my head: “Ha ke Ahnig, chume nid druus, chume nid druus”. Well, well… I leave that one there, and am just finding it still pretty funny.

For all those of you who are in the need of getting some “Swiss German” in your ears, listen to Steff La Cheffe, she sings in Bernese dialect and has definitily something to say or go and check her out at the remaining few tour dates.

Thanks to her and the band for a great evening and a great laughing fit at the office.

Author: a bit of everything and beyond

music lover with no aspiration to be a critique, but who gave in to a need to vent a bit online and who decided to do that on one of my hobbies, after a particularly intense concert

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