Made it despite all odds

Moods, Zürich, 13.11.2018

After a day off, I planned to grab a good seat and read a bit with a glass of wine hanging in Moods. I was not the only one who was pretty surprised to see a long queue in front of the door when arriving well after opening hour. Good job I grabbed out of reflex for my ticket, and, realized in time that… I must have forgotten it at home. Darn, turned out to be one of these days. After only a second of hesitating, I hurried back home, optimized transports and was on return, hoping for my luck to find the band not having started yet.

Turns out, that I had not been the only one with some difficulties in getting to the venue. After I had found an ideal seat pretty much in front, we were presented by the announcer with excuses for a late opening. The reason being a knackered but pretty happy and definitely very professional band who had missed their flight and instead driven all the way from Bruxelles to Zurich. They had just managed to get through sound-check and then go live for their public. Well done guys!!!

Antonio Sanchez and Migration played one single set, all through. The intense songs, in the beginning made me very much want to relisten to Garbarek again, I later overheard someone in the public treating them as “more esoteric”.  Adding speed and rhythms, again and again, the density grew with sounds, rhythms and many dialogues between the musicians, and, I felt transported into a three dimensional giant warren wandering in different and evolving rooms, to and fro and around, feeling completely safe and being astonished at every corner. All these sounds were set free through the instruments and then propagated throughout and through me.

It also felt as if in this band all came in twofolds: John Escreet on piano and fender rhodes, often playing one with the right and the other with left hand, Matt Brewer on classic and electric bass was far more present than only assuring the back, Thana Alexa on vocals and effects and Chais Baird on tenor saxophone and EWI. oh, and last but no least or rather at the core of it all, there was the mighty Antonio Sanchez playing his drums as there were two of him. Seems that all of them have their own projects, so go and check them out separately as well.


Author: a bit of everything and beyond

music lover with no aspiration to be a critique, but who gave in to a need to vent a bit online and who decided to do that on one of my hobbies, after a particularly intense concert

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